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QxC, Inc. is a privately-held company engaged in the development, production and commercialization of quantum computing systems for applications in multiple fields and disciplines. Our focus is upon serving emerging needs within medicine and biotech, virtual reality ("VirtuReality"), intelligence/defense, and space exploration. Our technology includes embedded device architectures and solutions, employing biomolecular architectures and parallel distributed processing, in distinction with other schools of thought and systems of design pertaining to quantum computing. Our particular focus is upon biomedical applications related to neurorestorative therapeutics and genetic activation, deactivation and regulation.

QxC's principal architecture, known as the MEBIC (MicroElectroBiomolecularIntegratedComputer), employs graphene and polymeric protein conjugates, and it does not require cryogenic cooling, a large support infrastructure system, nor an excessively large number of qubits and auxiliary logics to withstand or adjust for noise and loss of coherence.

QxC technology is based upon research and development within the Quantum Computing BioMedicine Program (QCMP). The QCMP is an established long-duration program affiliated with a number of institutions within the USA, and in an international consortium-based collaborative network of scientists and institutions within quantum biology, physics and computing sciences.

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